Redosier dogwood (Cornus sericea), Truckee River, Reno. Photo: K.McCutcheon.

Redosier dogwood (Cornus sericea), Truckee River, Reno. Photo: K.McCutcheon.

Redosier dogwood
Cornus sericea
  • Leaves: Opposite (paired) leaf arrangement, veins curve inwards towards the leaf tip. Smooth edges.
  • Branches: Dark red, smooth.
  • Flowers: White, in clusters of many tiny blossoms (May-July).
  • Fruit: Bluish-white, berry-like drupes in bunches of 10-30.

Record Observations

Species Description:

Redosier dogwood live close to rivers and streams, with strong root systems that help hold banks in place. They are tolerant of flooding, and able to survive long periods with roots underwater. Dogwood also have impressive tolerance for cold: in laboratory studies, red-osier dogwood were able to survive temperatures as low as -130oF (Gucker 2012).

The fruit of the Redosier dogwood look like berries, but are actually classified as drupes – fruit containing a pit, like a cherry or plum. Birds feed on the fruit, and use the shrub for nest sites or for cover. Bears, small mammals and many species of birds feed on the fruit. Beaver, deer, rabbits and other small mammals feed on the stems (Gucker 2012).

Photos & Information needed!

Do you have information on Redosier dogwood, or original photographs taken locally?  If so, please contribute photos and observations here, or email information to Thanks!


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  1. Hello, we would like to plant some red-osier dogwood in our school Mountain View Montessori and were wondering where we could buy some that are native in Reno NV and deliver.

    1. Author

      Hello, no idea if they have it but I’d try Moana Nursery! Sorry for the slow reply!

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