Golden currant (Ribes aureum var. aureum) blooms near Truckee River. April 22, 2011.

Golden currant (Ribes aureum var. aureum) flowers near the Truckee River. Photo: K. Fitzgerald.

Golden currant
Ribes aureum var. aureum
  • Leaves: smooth, bright green, three or five-lobed.
  • Flowers: Yellow, trumpet-shaped (March-May).
  • Branches: No thorns.
  • Fruit: Orange, sweet, juicy berries.
Record Observations
Species Description

This early-blooming shrub brightens the banks of the Truckee River in March and April with abundant yellow flowers. Golden current can grow to ten feet tall, and does well in a variety of habitats, including flood plains and riparian areas (Marshall 1995).

The Paiute called this plant “pokops”. Berries can be eaten raw, dried, or used for jellies (Murphey, 1958). Birds and small mammals enjoy the berries as well.

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