Golden currant (Ribes aureum var. aureum) blooms near Truckee River. April 22, 2011.

Golden currant (Ribes aureum var. aureum) flowers near the Truckee River. Photo: K. Fitzgerald.

Golden currant
Ribes aureum var. aureum
  • Leaves: smooth, bright green, three or five-lobed.
  • Flowers: Yellow, trumpet-shaped (March-May).
  • Branches: No thorns.
  • Fruit: Orange, sweet, juicy berries.

Record Observations

Species Description

This early-blooming shrub brightens the banks of the Truckee River in March and April with abundant yellow flowers. Golden current can grow to ten feet tall, and does well in a variety of habitats, including flood plains and riparian areas (Marshall 1995).

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